A Nation Divided
Biden says Trump left him a 'very generous letter' before departing White House | CNN
Biden Signs Executive Orders On Face-Mask Mandate, Keystone Pipeline, Paris Accord | Wall Street Journal
Trump Reportedly Considering Starting 'Patriot Party' | Mediaite
Biden orders a 'pause' on border wall construction, bringing crews to halt | The Washington Post
Biden replaces Andrew Jackson portrait in Oval Office, adds Cesar Chavez bust | The Hill
U.S. Ambassador To Israel Twitter Account Name Changed To Include West Bank And Gaza | Free Beacon
Avril Haines Confirmed As Director Of National Intelligence | Axios
Antifa agitators smash windows of Portland Democratic Party headquarters, attack police officer, and flip over car | Washington Examiner
President Trump: We "restored American strength at home — and American leadership abroad," and "built the greatest economy in the world."
Trump's accomplishments will remain part of the American fabric | Washington Times
Mitch McConnell: Capitol Hill Mob Was 'Provoked' By Trump | MSN
Mitch McConnell just stuck a knife in Trump | The Washington Post
3 National Guard Soldiers Killed In Helicopter Crash In Mendon, Near Rochester, NY | CNN
43 People Drown After Migrant Boat Capsizes In The Mediterranean | CNN
Pope Francis Asks Biden To Respect The "Rights And Dignity Of Every Person|, Including Those Who "Have No Voice" | The Daily Caller
Trump pardons Steve Bannon, Lil Wayne, among 143 | ABC7 News
Joe Exotic Lashes Out At Trump For Not Pardoning Him, Says He Was 'Too Innocent And Too Gay' | The Blaze
White House site allows users to choose their pronouns | CBS News
Bombshell Intelligence Report: CIA Scrubbed China Election Interference...
CIA Director Gina Haspel Announces Resignation | Forbes
Antony Blinken, Biden's State Department Pick, Says Trump Got China 'Right' | Newsweek
Amazon Offers To Help U.S. With Vaccine Efforts | Reuters
Why did Bezos wait until Biden's inauguration to offer help with vaccine distribution? | Fox News
Russia claims US has cut off telephone lines to its New York City consulate | The Independent
Huge blast in Spanish capital Madrid | The Standard
George W. Bush called Clyburn the country's ‘savior’ for his role in helping Biden defeat Trump | Raw Story
Biden Institute Refuses To Disclose Donors Amid Questions Over $22 Million In Anonymous Chinese Contributions | Zero Hedge
Wyoming GOP chair: Western states ‘paying attention’ to Texas effort to secede | Casper Star-Tribune

UK men recruited to walk around with TVs strapped to their heads warning the public to obey the COVID lockdown rules | Daily Mail
One in eight recovered COVID patients die within five months | New York Post
More Than 16,000 Doses Of The Moderna Vaccine Possibly Spoiled In Maine And Michigan | The Washington Post
New COVID-19 variant defeats plasma treatment, may reduce vaccine efficacy | Channel News Asia
Supermarket Chain Aldi To Pay U.S. Workers Who Get Covid-19 Vaccination | Reuters

Wall Street outlook darkens | Reuters
Stimulus Checks Are A Lousy Way To Fix The Economy | CNN
Trump's Booming Stock Market In Peril As Biden Assumes Presidency | Fox Business
With The Death Of Cash, Privacy Faces A Deeply Uncertain Future | Hacker Noon
Jay-Z Creates $10 Million Fund to Help Increase Minority-Owned Cannabis Companies | Complex
Covid: Cash Refusal 'Creeping Into UK Economy' | BBC

More Than Half Of House GOP Commits To Vote For Resolution Calling For Cheney To Step Down From Leadership | The Hill
Lindsey Graham: 'If You're Wanting To Erase Donald Trump From The Republican Party, You're Going To Get Erased' | The Daily Caller
Many Top Biden Appointees Are Engaged Jews | The Forward
Biden greets, fist bumps media members on his way into White House | The Hill
Search Traffic For Trump's ‘Patriot Party’ Skyrockets | Forbes

Kidnapped Nigerian Catholic Priest Hacked to Death with Machetes | Breitbart
Egyptian Chef Arrested After Making Cupcakes With Penis Decorations | The Guardian
Iran: Soaring Uranium Stockpile Is Needed For 'Medical' Purposes | Breitbart
Iran Schedules Gulf of Oman War Games One Day Before Biden Inauguration | Sputnik News
Navalny Targets 'Billion-Dollar Putin Palace' In New Investigation | The Moscow Times
President Putin Dunks Himself In Icy Water On Orthodox Epiphany | Sputnik News
Nearly Half Of Adult Canadians Struggle With Literacy | CBC
French Muslim Groups Deal Blow To Macron's Anti-Extremism Charter | France 24
Venezuela's Nicols Maduro Sends Oxygen To Tackle Brazil's Covid Crisis | The Guardian
Thai Woman Sentenced To 43 Years In Jail For Insulting Monarchy | Reuters

Satellite images show China has built a village with 100 homes in disputed Indian territory | Daily Mail
China Bans Several Trump Officials From Doing Business With Or Entering China | PBS
China turbocharges bid to discredit Western vaccines | The Washington Post
Jack Ma Appears in Public After Challenging Beijing | New York Times
Trapped China gold miners get porridge, blankets, one miner in coma | Yahoo

Facebook Censors Mexican Cardinal For Denouncing 'New World Order' | Breitbart
American who tweeted Bali was queer-friendly is being deported | NBC News
Serbian lawyers to file first lawsuits against NATO over use of depleted uranium munitions in 1999 | RT
Antifa Releases 'Calls To Action' Targeting Trump Supporters | OANN
Video Exposes Twitter Execs Planning 'Global Approach' to Censorship | Newsbusters

Sahara desert hit by icy blast and snow blankets parts of Saudi Arabia in -2C chill | The Sun
Hurricane-force winds lash California, knocking out power to thousands and raising risk of wildfires | USA Today
Vertical Farms Grow Veggies On Site At Restaurants And Grocery Stores | New Atlas
Russia 'One Step Closer' to Year-Round Sailing in Melting Arctic | The Moscow Times
Japan: One Dead As Snowstorm Causes 130-Car Pile-Up | BBC

Samsung heir sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for bribery and embezzlement | CNN
Instagram Influencer Alexis Sharkey Was Strangled To Death, Coroner Says | Buzzfeed
'Significant' Cannabis Factory Discovered Next To Bank Of England In City Of London | The Independent
Spanish Police Seize More Than 2 Tons Of Cocaine Hidden In Charcoal | CNN
Ohio Couple Accused Of Holding Woman Against Will In Dog Cage | WSBTV

Sarah Thomas to become first woman to officiate at Super Bowl | The Guardian
American Pie singer Don McLean in bitter feud with Cardi B as he slams her song WAP as 'disgusting' | The Sun
Christian OnlyFans Model Says Her Faith Will Not Stop Her From Stripping Down To The Tune Of $200k A Month | The Blaze
Mystery Good Samaritan leaves $5,000 tip for Tennessee bar staff who are struggling during pandemic | Daily Mail
Mary Berry says pandemic has taught us to use what's in fridge | The Standard
Mother dies saving her daughter, six, by 'cushioning her fall' with her body after they jumped from flat fire | The Sun

Destruction Comes Early: Godzilla Vs. Kong Will Debut On HBO Max In March | Vanity Fair


SpaceX Rocket Launches On Record 8th Flight Carrying 60 Starlink Satellites, Nails Landing | Space
Humans Could Move To This Floating Asteroid Belt Colony In The Next 15 Years, Astrophysicist Says | Live Science
Astronomers May Have Detected Background Ripples In Spacetime Itself | New Atlas
The Mysterious 'Alien Megastructure' Star Is Not Alone, Astronomers Discover | ScienceAlert

Billionaires Bankroll Study To Investigate The Return Of Wild Lynx To Scotland | Tattler
Rare Black Seal Pups Spotted At Blakeney Point Nature Reserve | BBC
Cultured Meat Could Make Industrial Animal Farming Obsolete | National Review
'Almost complete' ancient shark fossil sheds new light on Earth's past | New York Post
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